Tannus Tyres Solid Bike Tyre

RRP £49.95


Tannus Airless Tyres are made from cutting-edge Aither technology and don’t care about thorns, nails, glass, or anything the road throws at them. Never worry about punctures again – just rideNo air means no pumps, inner tubes, tools or leavers, so you don’t need to spend hours setting up your tyres before you leave home, and you’ll never be stranded on the side of the road with a puncture againTannus Tyres come in 12 funky colours to match your bike and our Aither materials are extremely resistant to staining, so they’ll stay colourful mile after mileTannus pride themselves on durability, and guarantee only 1.5mm of tyre wear after riding 9,000km. This is accomplished by the unique structure of our compoundTannus Tyres are available in the following Sizes:16″ x 1.25 18″ x 1.50 20″ x 1.50 22″ x 1.50 24″ x 1.50 24″ x 1.75 26″ x 1.75 700c x 23c 700c x 25c 700c x 28c 700c x 32c 700c x 40c